•  Spring 2015 | Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library

Four Decades Dedicated  

to America and Freemasonry 

Pride in Our Past . . .  

Faith in Our Future


Founded and Supported by  
Scottish Rite Freemasons in the  
Northern Masonic Jurisdiction  
of the United States

The Scottish Rite 

Masonic Museum


& Library at 40






We will build a museum and  
library whose purpose is to  
disseminate to a wide spectrum 
of our countrymen a better  
appreciation of the things that 
Freemasonry stands for— 
faith in God, moral integrity, 
universal brotherhood of men.

George A. Newbury (1895–1984),  
Sovereign Grand Commander, 1965–1975


The Museum & Library is 
greatly valued by the Scottish 
Rite. Our members understand 
that the Museum’s work is  
vital in the stewardship of  
our fraternity’s—and our  
country’s—rich history  
and heritage.

John Wm. McNaughton,  

Sovereign Grand Commander

On the occasion of our 40th  
anniversary we reflect on the 
impact of our groundbreaking 
exhibitions, informative  
public programs, and growing 
collections that are second  
to none in the world of  
Freemasonry. The Museum  
& Library is rightly considered 
a national treasure.

Richard V. Travis, Executive Director