Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library | Fall 2014    


Saturday, october 17, 2015

2 pm

Marian Moser-Jones, Assistant  

Professor, University of Maryland 

School of Public Health

The boston Red Cross in the 

1918-19 Influenza Pandemic: 

Vanguard Fighter or Rogue 


Saturday, november 14, 


2 pm

Jayne Gordon, Former Director of 

Education, Massachusetts Historical 


Workshop: Exploring the 

World War I Home Front: 

How to Discover Your  

Family and Community  



he 2015 Linn Lectures, 
“The U.S. Home Front  
during World War I: Duty, 
Sacrifice, and Obligation,” 

reflects current scholarship on aspects 
of the World War I home front expe-
rience that relate, in surprising ways, 
to today’s world. From 1914 to 1918, 
years of momentous change, the War’s 
impact on American society was far-
reaching. While empires crumbled in 
Europe and the Near East and new 
nations emerged, the Great War   
forever transformed the lives and 
communities of Americans at home. 
 We invite you to join us for a series 
of lectures and a workshop that high-
light significant events and cultural 
changes that still shape our lives today. 
The programs in this series are free 
thanks to the generous sponsorship  
of the Ruby W. and LaVon P. Linn 

Saturday, march 21, 2015

2 pm

Christopher Capozzola,  

Associate Professor of History,  

MIT School of Humanities,  

Arts, and Social Sciences

Uncle Sam Wants You! 

American Citizens and their 

Obligations on the World 

War I Home Front

Saturday, June 6, 2015

2 pm 

Elaine McCluskey Stomber, Special 

Collections and College Archives, 

Skillman Library, Lafayette College

The Art of Persuasion:  

Howard Chandler Christy’s 

Posters from the First  

World War

Saturday, october 3, 2015

2 pm

Rose Hayden-Smith, Strategic  

Initiative Leader, Sustainable Food 

Systems, University of California  

Division of Agriculture and  

Natural Resources

Community Gardening  

During World War I:  

Sowing the Seeds of Victory 

Linn Lecture Series 2015 



linn lecture SerieS

Fight or Buy Bonds!, 1917. Howard Chandler 

Christy (1873-1952).  Printed by Forbes  

Company, boston, Ma. scottish Rite Masonic 

Museum & library, a96/089/08.

Elaine McCluskey stomber            Christopher Capozzola                 Rose Hayden-smith