•  Fall 2014 | Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library


uriosities of the Craft: 
Treasures from the Grand 
Lodge of Massachusetts 
 has won three 

prestigious awards including one of 
the 69th annual Leadership in History 
Awards from the American Associa-
tion for State and Local History 
(AASLH), the Historic New England 
Book Prize, and Honorable Mention 
in New England Museum Association 
(NEMA) 2014 Publication Awards 
 The Leadership in History Award 
is AASLH’s most prestigious recogni-
tion for achievement in the preservation 
and interpretation of state and local 
history. It is the “highest distinction 
we confer and the winners represent 
the best in the field,” said Terry  
Davis, AASLH President & CEO.  
 Historic New England’s Book Prize 
is awarded to a monograph or exhibi-
tion catalogue that advances the un-
derstanding of the architecture, land-
scape, and material culture of New 
England and the United States from 
the seventeenth century to the pres-
ent. Curiosities of the Craft was cited 
for making a “significant contribution 
to the understanding of New England 
and its relation to the wider world.”
The NEMA Publication Awards pro-
gram showcases the best the region 
has to offer in museum publishing.  
It recognizes excellence in design, pro-
duction, programming, and effective 
communication in both print and  
digital publishing.

Curiosities of the Craft

Treasures from the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts Collection Wins Three Awards 


 Curiosities of the Craft, co-pub-
lished by the Museum and the Grand 
Lodge of Massachusetts, draws on 
new research to examine more than 
130 objects made or used by Massa-
chusetts Masons in the Grand Lodge 
collection. It is authored by Aimee E. 
Newell, PhD, Director of Collections, 
Hilary Anderson Stelling, Director  
of Exhibitions and Audience Devel-
opment, and Catherine Compton 
Swanson, retired Archivist. 
 “We are extremely pleased to have 
received these honors,” said Richard 
V. Travis, Museum & Library Execu-
tive Director. “Our staff authors who 
wrote the book are exceptionally tal-
ented, and their scholarship presents 
innovative interpretations of Masonic 
and fraternal history. These awards 
are a most fitting tribute to their  

now on view

•  Leadership in History Award from the American Association  

for state and local History

•  Historic New England Book Prize 
• Honorable Mention in New England Museum Association  

2014 Publication awards Competition

commitment and dedication to  
our mission.” 
 Curiosities of the Craft also exam-
ines objects that have close association 
with famous American Freemasons 
including George Washington and 
Paul Revere. Through the Grand 
Lodge treasures, the book presents  
a compelling look at the men, crafts-
men, and leaders who built and up-
held Freemasonry in Massachusetts 
for hundreds of years. To order, visit 

aimee E. newell (center), Director  

of Collections, accepts the award for  

Curiosities of the Craft from aaslH.