he Museum & Library  
recently received a generous 
donation of several pieces  
of Scottish Rite dinnerware.  

Two pieces from the assortment—a 
pitcher and an oval dish can be seen 
here.  These items date to 1908 and 
were originally used at the Scottish  
Rite building in Fort Scott, Kansas. 
The donor, who lives in Texas, heard 

Recent Acquisitions

Scottish rite Dinnerware and collection  

of chapter and council materials

that the Valley of Fort Scott was  
moving and holding an auction of its 
contents. Despite the 1,000 mile dis-
tance, he was able to bid at the auction 
over the phone and won the lot of  
almost 8,000 pieces of dinnerware.  
He then rented a truck and drove to 
Kansas to pack up the dishes and bring 
them back to Texas. In addition to 
sending eight pieces to the Museum  

& Library for our collection, the  
donor also sent dishes to several other 
Masonic museums and kept 200 place 
settings for his Valley’s use. He is still 
working on finding a good home for 
the remaining pieces.
 The Museum & Library is fortunate 
to be the recipient of gifts from several 
local York Rite bodies as they consoli-
dated and moved to new locations this 

Grand Royal arch Chapter of Massachusetts Degree Team, 1961-1963, boston, Ma, 

gift of Mystic-Woburn Royal arch Chapter, Woburn, Ma, 2014.082.21.