scottish Rite Pitcher and oval Dish, 1908, onondaga 

Pottery Company, syracuse, nY, gift of nicholas 

Quarm, 32° KCCH, 2014.086.11 and .13.

Medford Council ballot 

box, 1920-1940, gift of 

Medford Council of Royal 

and select Masters, 

Medford, Ma, 


past fall. A collection of photographs 
from the Mystic-Woburn Royal Arch 
Chapter includes this image of the 
Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massa-
chusetts Degree Team, probably from 
the early 1960s. The colorful photo 
shows the men in their costumes, with 
Grand High Priest Stanley F. Maxwell 
(1910-1997) at center back wearing  
a white coat. Maxwell, who served as 
Grand Master of Massachusetts from 
1974 to 1977, also worked as Executive 
Secretary of the Scottish Rite Supreme 
Council from 1965 to 1975 and was 
elected Sovereign Grand Commander 
in 1975, serving until 1985. Maxwell 
led the Grand Chapter from 1961 to 

1963 and the Proceedings note that  
he presided during those years for the 
exemplification of the Mark Master 
Mason and Past Master Mason degrees, 
held at the Grand Lodge in Boston.  
Mystic Royal Arch Chapter originally 
met in Medford, MA, later merging 
with Woburn Royal Arch Chapter, 
which met in Woburn. Mystic-Woburn 
Royal Arch Chapter recently merged 
with Houghton-Walden Chapter and 
now meets in Concord, MA.
 This ballot box, which is labeled  
as the property of Medford Council of 
Royal and Select Masters, was used up 
to about twenty years ago in Medford.  
The box still contains the black cubes 

and white balls used to vote on  
members. Medford Council moved  
to Woburn and recently merged with  
Orient Council of Wakefield, MA. 
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