Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library | Fall 2015  


banjo wall Clock, ca. 1850. Horace Tifft  

(1804–1886), north attleboro, Massachusetts.  

Gift of Mrs. willis R. Michael, 82.53.20a-b.  

Photograph by David bohl.

Tall Case Clock, 1972. George F. McFadden 

(1904-1991), winchester, Massachusetts.  

Gift of the Estate of George F. McFadden, 

91.018.4a-i. Photograph by David bohl.

Tall Case Clock, ca. 1770. Jonathan 

Mulliken (1746–1782), newburyport, 

Massachusetts. special acquisitions 

Fund and through the generosity of 

an anonymous donor, 93.004a-e. 

Photograph by David bohl.

Tall Case Clock, 1766–1771. 

benjamin willard (1743–

1803), lexington, Massachu-

setts. Gift of Robert T. Dann  

in Memory of Dr. James R.  

and Constance D. Gallagher, 

98.028a-g. Photograph  

by David bohl.

Detail, Tall Case 

Clock, ca. 1770.  

Jonathan Mulliken 




special acquisitions 

Fund and through 

the generosity  

of an anonymous  

donor, 93.004a-e. 

Photograph by  

David bohl.

the museum & Library 
Joins the association  
of masonic museums, 
Libraries and archives 


n July 2015, Director of Collections 
Aimee E. Newell attended the annual 
congress of the Association of Masonic 

Museums, Libraries and Archives  
(AMMLA) in Bayreuth, Germany.  The 
mission of AMMLA is to assist and sup-
port, through education, facilitation of 
communication, coordination of effort 
and other means, management and pres-
ervation of Masonic heritage. AMMLA’s 
membership includes many of the  
European Grand Lodges. Newell made  
a presentation about the Museum &  
Library and the group accepted the  
institution as a member.
 Participants included attendees from 
twelve countries including representatives 
from the Library and Museum of Free-
masonry in London, the Grand Lodge of 
Norway, the Virtual Museum Prague and 
Spain’s Centro Iberico de Estudios Maso-
nicos. In addition to presentations by  
several members, updating the group  
on their current research, exhibition and 
digitization activities, the weekend in-
cluded a performance of The Magic Flute 
—with Hands and Feet
 and a tour of the 
German National Masonic Museum.
 The Scottish Rite Masonic Museum  
& Library is also an active member of  
the North American Masonic Library  
and Museum Association (MLMA), 
which meets annually. 

aimee newell accepting the Museum & library’s 

membership plaque from aMMla President  

François Rognon.  Photo by bernard s. skalicky, 

Masonica nordica,