october 2015

Saturday, october 3, 2 pm

Lecture: Community  

Gardening During World 

War I: Sowing the Seeds  

of Victory 

Rose Hayden-Smith, Strategic  
Initiative Leader, Sustainable Food 
Systems, University of California 
Division of Agriculture and  
Natural Resources
Rose Hayden-Smith will consider 
the significant impact on American 
food production, consumption  
patterns, and cultural life of three 
popular World War I national gar-
dening and agricultural programs: 
the National War Garden Commis-
sion, the United States School Gar-
den Army, and the Woman’s Land 
Army. Through these programs, the 
federal government, in partnership 
with private organizations and a 
strong grassroots effort, urged 
Americans to express their loyalty 
and patriotism by producing and 

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Fall 2015 | Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library

ignored or rejected these directives. 
This talk will explore the Red 
Cross-led response to the 1918–
1919 flu in Boston and New Eng-
land, and will discuss whether the 
local officials acted wisely in chart-
ing their own course during this 
public health crisis. This program 
is free thanks to the generous 
sponsorship of the Ruby W. and 
LaVon P. Linn Foundation.

Saturday, october 24, 2 pm

Gallery Talk, Keeping 

Time: Clockmakers and 


Explore the fascinating topic of 
clocks and timekeepers on this free 
gallery tour. Many of the clocks  
on view came to the museum from 
the collection of Ruth and Willis 
R. Michael of York, Pennsylvania. 
Dating from the 1600s through  
the 1900s, clocks collected by the 
Michaels and others help tell the 
story of craftsmen, entrepreneurs and 
consumers in this new exhibition.

Clock, ca. 1800. attributed to noah  

Ranlet (active late 1700s–early 1800s), 

Gilmanton, new Hampshire. Gift of  

Mrs. willis R. Michael, 75.66.17a-j.  

Photograph by David bohl.

conserving their own food. As then, 
the connection between the nation’s 
food readiness and national security 
has relevance today. This program 
is free thanks to the generous spon-
sorship of the Ruby W. and LaVon 
P. Linn Foundation.

Saturday, october 17, 2 pm

Lecture: The Boston  

Red Cross in the 1918–19 

Influenza Pandemic:  

Vanguard Fighter or  

Rogue Chapter?

Marian Moser-Jones, Assistant  
Professor, University of Maryland 
School of Public Health
In August 1918, when pandemic 
influenza first struck Boston, the 
local Red Cross chapter acted quickly 
to meet the emergency. But after  
the pandemic began spreading to 
other parts of the United States, 
Red Cross National Headquarters 
stepped in to call the shots—and 
the headstrong Boston chapter  

Hour Glass (Clepsammia), 1600s  

or 1700s. italy. Gift of Mrs. willis R.  

Michael, 85.108.20. Photograph  

by David bohl.

Mantel Clock, 1880–1900. Japy Frères (1806-

1960s), beaucourt, France. Gift of Mrs. willis R. 

Michael, 82.53.18a-b. Photograph by David bohl.