Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library | Fall 2015  


november 2015

Saturday, november 7, 11 am

Gallery Talk, “Every Variety 

of Painting for Lodges”:    

Decorated Furniture,  

Paintings and Ritual Objects  

from the Collection 

Come learn about the different kinds  
of paintings and decorated furniture 
craftsmen produced for Masonic lodges 
in the 1800s. This free gallery talk will 
also introduce some of the ornamental 
painters—both amateur and profes-
sional—who drew on their talents  
to create colorful aprons, illustrations 
and designs for Masonic clientele.  
Attendees will also see some of the many 
works Masons commissioned, includ-
ing portraits, paintings and miniatures 
to reflect their pride in the fraternity. 

Saturday, november 14, noon

Gallery Talk, Keeping Time:  

Clockmakers and Collectors

See description on page 6.

Saturday, november 14, 2 pm

Workshop: Exploring the 

World War One Home Front: 

How to Discover Your Family 

and Community History

Jayne Gordon, Former Director of  
Education, Massachusetts Historical 
When Americans sang the popular tune 
about how “the Yanks are coming,” 
World War I had been raging in Europe 
for three years. Even before 1917, the 
Great War transformed American lives 
and communities. This workshop will 
support you in your exploration of 
family or community stories from the 
World War I era. Whether you are al-
ready researching or just getting started, 
Jayne Gordon will help you pose the 
right questions and find the right docu-
ments and resources to uncover your 
family or community narrative. This 
program is free thanks to the generous 
sponsorship of the Ruby W. and LaVon 

P. Linn Foundation. Space is limited; 
registration is required by November 
5. Contact:

December 2015

Saturday, December 5, 2 pm

Gallery Talk, Keeping Time:  

Clockmakers and Collectors

See description on page 6.

Saturday, December 12 

10 am to 4:30 pm
Sunday, December 13,  

noon to 4 pm

Model Trains

An annual favorite, the HUB Division 
of the National Railroad Association 
will delight fans large and small with 
their model train display. $4 individual 
(members of HUB Division or SRMML); 
$5/individual (non-members); $5/
family (members of HUB Division or 
SRMML); $7/family (non-members).

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