n Saturday, April 28,  
the Museum will present 
Perspectives on American 
Freemasonry and Frater-

nalism, a symposium presenting the 
newest research on American frater-
nal groups from the past through the 
present day. By 1900, over 250 Amer-
ican fraternal groups existed, number-
ing six million members. The study  
of their activities and influence in the 
United States, past and present, offers 
the potential for fresh interpretations 
of American society and culture.
 Seven scholars from the United 
States, Britain and Belgium will fill 
the day’s program:

Jeffrey tyssens

, Vrije Universiteit 

Brussel, “The Goatee’s Revenge:  
A Founding Myth and a Founder’s 
Cult in American Fraternalism”


Yoni Appelbaum

, Brandeis Univ-

ersity, “The Great Brotherhood of 
Toil: The Knights of Labor as a 
Fraternal Order”


Adam G. Kendall

, Henry W. Coil 

Library and Museum, “The Shadow 
of the Pope: Anti-Catholicism, 
Freemasonry, and the Knights of 
Columbus in 1910s California”


Samuel Biagetti

, Columbia   

University, “A Prehistoric Lodge  
in Rhode Island?—Masonry and 
the Messianic Moment”


Alyce Graham

, University of   

Delaware, “Secrecy and Democracy: 
Masonic Aprons, 1750–1830”


Bradley Kime

, Brigham Young 

University, “Masonic Motifs in Willy 
Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Scottish rite masonic museum & library | Spring/Summer 2012  


SYmpoSium: April 28, 2012

Perspectives on American Freemasonry 

and Fraternalism 


masonic emblematic Chart, 1840–50. new York. oil on linen. Special acquisitions fund


Kristofer Allerfeldt

, University of 

Exeter, “The Significance of Frater-
nalism in Three Criminal Organi-
zations of Late Nineteenth Century 
America: The Mollie Maguires,  
the Ku Klux Klan and the Mafia”

All symposium attendees are invited to 
a public lecture by Michael Halleran, 
Independent Scholar, “Gentlemen of 
the White Apron: Freemasonry in the 
American Civil War,” at 1 pm, in the 
Maxwell Auditorium. This presenta-
tion is made possible through the  
generous support of Ruby W. Linn.

 The day promises to offer  
many new ideas for all who attend. 
Advanced registration required; $65 
($60 for museum members) and   
includes morning refreshments, lunch 
and a closing reception. Visit the   
Museum’s web site for complete   
information and to download the  
registration form. If you have ques-
tions on registration, please contact 
Claudia Roche at croche@monh.org 
or 781-457-4142. We hope to see  
you on April 28!

this symposium is funded in part by the 

Supreme council, 33°, Northern masonic 

Jurisdiction, united States of America.