civil WAr lectureS

Civil war Lecture series

Begins with Pulitzer Prize-winning Author tony horwitz



  Spring/Summer 2012 | Scottish rite masonic museum & library

tony horwitz

Midnight Rising: John 

Brown and the Civil War

SAturdAy, MArch 10, 2012, 2 pM

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Tony 
Horwitz lectures on the electrifying 
tale of a man and a mission that 
changed the course of American his-
tory. Plotted in secret and launched  
in the dark, John Brown’s raid on 
Harpers Ferry ruptured the union  
between North and South. Yet few 
Americans know the true story of  
the militant idealists who invaded 
Virginia before the Civil War. The 
talk is based on Horwitz’s acclaimed 
book by the same name that takes  
an unblinking look at a nation on  
the brink of explosive conflict.  
Book signing will follow.  
  Horwitz is a graduate of Brown 
University and Columbia University’s 
Graduate School of Journalism. He 
worked for many years as a reporter, 

All talks are sponsored by Ruby W. Linn and are free to the public. 

The museum is offering a Civil War lecture series on occasion of the 150th anniversary 

of this divisive conflict. The series explores the history of the war, and its meaning for our nation today.  

it also relates to the museum’s mission of fostering an appreciation of American history, patriotism  

and Freemasonry, and reflects current research and exciting themes. 

first in Indiana and then during a  
decade overseas in Australia, Europe, 
Africa, and the Middle East, covering 
wars and conflicts for The Wall Street 
. He won the Pulitzer Prize  
for national reporting, and worked  
as a staff writer for The New Yorker 
before becoming a full-time author. 
Four of his books have been national 
and New York Times bestsellers:   
A Voyage Long and StrangeBlue 
Confederates in the Attic
and Baghdad Without a Map


michael halleran

Gentlemen of the White 

Apron: Freemasonry in the 

American Civil War

SAturdAy, April 28, 1 pM


Michael Halleran, 
a freelance histori-
an and practicing 
attorney, sets the 
standard for schol-
arship on Freema-
sonry in the Civil 
War. The lecture 
will reveal the his-
tory behind the 
many mythical stories of Masonic 
Brotherhood across the Civil War 
battle lines. A signing of his acclaimed 
book, The Better Angels of Our 
, will follow. 

Michael Halleran is a lecturer at 

Emporia State University, and an 
active Freemason. Halleran received 

the Mackey Award for Excellence in 
Masonic Scholarship from the Scottish 
Rite Research Society. He is a mem-
ber of the 

Quatuor Coronati Corres-

pondence Circle and the Scottish Rite 
Research Society where he studies 
American military Masonry and the 
traditions of military lodges world-

megan Kate Nelson

Among the Ruins:  

Charles F. Morse and  

Civil War Destruction

SAturdAy, SepteMber 29, 2 pM

Megan Kate Nelson of Harvard   
University will unfold the Civil War 
experience of one Massachusetts sol-
dier, Charles F. Morse, an officer in 
the 2nd Mass. Rgt. His letters, draw-
ings, and other contemporary images 
will draw us into the world of ruin and 
destruction that participants in the 
war found themselves confronting.
  Nelson is a lecturer in History and 
Literature at Harvard University. She 
has a PhD in American Studies from