n honor of the nation’s bicentennial, the Supreme 
Council, Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction 
dedicated the Museum and Library in April of 1975. 
Just a few years before, Sovereign Grand Commander 

George A. Newbury (1895–1984), the motivating force 
behind the Museum and Library, conceived the institution 
“… to tell a thrilling story—the story of America.” Since 
then, the Museum has collected objects, documents and 
books related to American and Masonic history and pre-
sented exhibitions and programs exploring the same subjects.
  On official documents founders called the Museum  
the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library, Inc. but did 

business and promoted the organization as the Museum of Our National Heritage  
or as the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum of Our National Heritage. In 2001, the 
public name of the Museum was shortened 
to National Heritage Museum, but our le-
gal name remained Scottish Rite Masonic 
Museum & Library, Inc. Over the last few 
years, we have been getting back to our 
roots and using our legal name accompa-
nied by the symbol of the Supreme Council, 
Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction—a crowned double-headed eagle with 
the motto Deus Meumque Jus (God and My Right) to acknowledge our founding, 
special connection to and continuing support by the Freemasons of the Northern 
Masonic Jurisdiction. You will now see the name and logo changes in our publica-
tions, like this one, promotional materials, and on our building signage.
 The Museum and the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite are also embarking  
on a major construction project. This work speaks to an exciting new chapter in the 
history of both institutions. The Supreme Council and the Museum are combining 
forces and will be housed under one roof as of fall of this year.  
 The decision to renovate the Museum building in order to consolidate both orga-
nization’s operations was arrived at after deep study. Both institutions are faced with 
shifting demographics within the fraternity and new fiscal realities. Our main goal in 
making these changes is to secure the long-term financial health of the Scottish Rite 
and the Museum, allowing both to do meaningful work for years to come. 
 As we look to the future, there is much good news in the decision. The Museum 
will continue to tell the story of our nation in vital and compelling ways as evidenced 
by the the programs and exhibitions presented in this newsletter. The Museum and 
Library’s collection is greatly valued by the Scottish Rite membership, and we are 
bringing more of our holdings to supporters who live afar through initiatives like the 
digitization of our photographic collection. More and more these holdings are now 
available online.


Speaking personally as a Mason, I can say our collection is part  

of who we are as a fraternity, and is central to understanding our heritage.
 Without question, there will be disruption due to the construction, and we  
apologize for any inconvenience. We are also pleased to say the Town of Lexington 
will remain the permanent address of the Museum and the Scottish Rite.  
 With true and unwavering conviction I say the future is bright. By bringing the 
Museum and Supreme Council together, we will preserve a rich history, and continue 
to serve both the fraternity and the Museum-going public for generations. 

 Richard V. Travis, 33º–

Executive Director

From the Director

          summer 2013 

richard V. Travis, 33°  

Executive Director


Linda Patch, Editor
David Gerratt,  

Designer, NonprofitDesign.com


Hilary anderson stelling 

Director of Exhibitions  
and Audience Development
Polly Kienle 

Public Programs Coordinator
Jeff Croteau 

Manager of Library and Archives
aimee e. newell, Ph.D. 

Director of Collections
Catherine swanson 


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  Spring 2013 | Scottish rite Masonic Museum & library

On the cOver


A Plan of the Town of Boston with the 

Intrenchments & c..., 1777. Surveyed 

by Thomas Hyde page (1746–1821).  

printed by William Faden (1749–1836).  

london, England. Van gorden-Williams 

library and Archives, 073-86.  

photo by David Bohl.

Scottish Rite 

Masonic Museum 

& Library, Inc.

The Supreme Council and the Museum 
are combining forces and will be housed 
under one roof as of fall of this year.