civil WAr lectures

Civil War Lecture Series

Spring and Fall 2013



  Spring 2013 | Scottish rite Masonic Museum & library

stephen Kantrowitz

a citizenship of the heart: 

Black activists and Universal 

Brotherhood in civil  

War-era Boston

Saturday, March 23, 2 PM

Stephen Kantrowitz, 
Professor of History 
at the University  
of Wisconsin, Madi-
son, explores how 
the fight to abolish 
slavery was part of 
a broader campaign 
by Boston’s African 

American community to claim full 
citizenship. These activists hoped  
to remake the republic into a place 
where they could belong. Kantrowitz 
will be available after the talk to sign 
his book, More than Freedom: Fight-
ing for Black Citizenship in a White 
Republic, 1829–1889

Anthony lee

civil War photography  

on the Battlefront and  

home Front

Saturday, May 4, 2 PM

What did Americans 
see and feel when 
they looked at the 
first photographs  
of Civil War battle-
fronts?  Join Anthony 
Lee in a discussion 
of Civil War pho-
tography, focusing 

on Alexander Gardner’s work. Lee 
will be available after the talk to sign  
his book On Alexander Gardner’s 
Photographic Sketch Book of the Civil 
. Anthony Lee is a Professor of 
Art History at Mount Holyoke   
College in South Hadley, MA.

Join us for a Civil War lecture series on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the conflict. 

The series explores the history of this divisive war and its meaning for our nation today. 

nicole etcheson

The anti-civil War  

Movement in the north: 

copperheads in a Midwestern 

community, 1861–1865

Saturday, OctOber 5, 2 PM

anti-war Demo-
crats, protested 
against the   
policies of the 
Lincoln adminis-
tration, opposed 
and resisted the 

draft with violence. Were the Cop-
perheads expressing sentiments that 
mirrored concerns of their fellow  
citizens? Did they actually aid the 
Confederacy? Etcheson will be avail-
able after the talk to sign her book,  
A Generation at War: The Civil War 
Era in a Northern Community

Jane schultz

a Season with the army: 

civil War nurse harriet  

eaton and new england’s 

role in Medical relief Work

 Saturday, OctOber 26, 2 PM

Join Jan Schultz, 
the nation’s   
expert on Civil 
War nursing, for 
a discussion of  
a New England 
woman’s critical 
role on the   
battlefields of 

Antietam, Fredericksburg, and Chan-
cellorsville. Newton-born Harriet  
Eaton’s diary and papers offer insight 
into the experience of the twenty-one 
thousand women who served in Union 
military hospitals. Schultz will be 

available after the talk to sign her 
book, This Birth Place of Souls:  
The Civil War Nursing Diary  
of Harriet Eaton

robert Weible

“not that this is Going to  

Be a real War”: The civil 

War, the Marshall house 

Flag, and elmer ellsworth’s 


Saturday, nOveMber 9, 2 PM

In April 1861, 
Union Col. Elmer 
Ellsworth was 
shot while cut-
ting down a   
massive Confed-
erate flag that 
had been hoisted 
within view   

of the White House. This incident  
became national news and plunged 
the divided country into a debate 
about the Marshall House flag’s   
significance. Robert Weible, State  
Historian of New York, will explore 
the lasting meaning and relevance  
of the two divergent interpretations  
of this event.

All talks are 

made possible by the 

generous support of 

the Ruby W. and 

LaVon P. Linn 

Foundation and are 

free to the public.