want to take some time in this newsletter to explain  
a bit about the Scottish Rite for those of you who  
may be unfamiliar our Fraternity. To many of you 
who visit, you likely know us as the founders and  

supporters of the Museum & Library. But the Scottish  
Rite, first and foremost, is a fraternal organization that  
emphasizes a set of core values, including reverence for 
God, devotion to country, integrity, justice, toleration,  
and service.  
  As is explored in the current exhibition “A Sublime  
Brotherhood,” the Scottish Rite traces its origins to France, 
not Scotland as is widely assumed. The Fraternity followed 

trade routes to the West Indies and came to America in 1767. The Scottish Rite’s  
Northern Masonic Jurisdiction was founded in 1813, and covers a region that  
includes 15 states in the Northeast and in the Midwest. Throughout its long history 
Scottish Rite membership has included men from all walks of life. The rolls of the 
Northern Masonic Jurisdiction include presidents, senators, astronauts, professional 
performers and athletes, doctors, lawyers, plumbers, and maybe even your next door 
neighbor. In short, the profession of a man is not what makes a Mason. Instead, it is 
his commitment to the well-being of his Brothers. All Masons unite for the common 
purpose of binding themselves to each other for the good of all—the “Masonic Way.” 
 As you know, our exhibitions and programs here at the Museum & Library invite 
you to learn more about the history of Freemasonry in America. The objects dis-
played in our galleries—from lodge furniture and decorative arts, to textiles and  
Masonic jewels—put you in touch with the past and with the personal histories of  
the American people—both famous and ordinary. Our programs like the Masonic 
Work Day, featured on the cover, draw in volunteers for hands-on experience with 
our collections.  
 Much of what we do here at the Museum & Library is in service to the preser- 
vation and presentation of the story of Freemasonry and the Scottish Rite. When  
you visit, it is our sincere hope that our exhibitions and programs allow you to learn 
and enjoy the arc of our narrative, which remains central and vital to the history   
of our nation. 

 Richard V. Travis, 33º–

Executive Director

From the Director

          spring 2014 

richard V. Travis, 33°  

Executive Director


Linda patch, Editor
David gerratt,  

Designer, NonprofitDesign.com


Jeff Croteau 

Manager of Library and Archives
polly Kienle 

Public Programs Coordinator
aimee E. newell, ph.D. 

Director of Collections
Hilary anderson stelling 

Director of Exhibitions  
and Audience Development
Catherine swanson 


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   Spring 2014 | Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library

on the cover


Masonic Work Day volunteers help  

with numbering and housing objects.

Scottish Rite 

Masonic Museum 

& Library, Inc.


A Sublime Brotherhood: 

Two Hundred Years of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the  
Northern Masonic Jurisdiction 


on’t miss “A Sublime Brotherhood: Two Hundred Years of Scottish Rite Free-
masonry in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction,” which closes September 27, 

2014. The exhibition celebrates the 200th anniversary of the fraternity.
  “A Sublime Brotherhood” invites you to travel through time to learn about the 
people who shaped the Scottish Rite’s Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. More than  
than 100 objects and images are on view and range from decorative arts and paint-
ings to stage costumes and folk art. The exhibition also explores the fraternity’s  
central values, and its many contributions to the communities it serves.