Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library | Spring 2014  



n June 2013 and again in Janu-
ary 2014, we held a Masonic 
Work Day at the Museum, invit-
ing curious volunteers to join us 

for the day and assist with curatorial, 
library and archives projects. Both 
days were a wonderful success with 
14 volunteers who donated their time. 
In the collections department, volun-
teers helped by marking objects with 
numbers, putting objects into appro-
priate archival housing, doing inven-
tory in the storage vault and assisting 
with updating location information  
in our collections database. In the  
library, intrepid volunteers worked on 
adjusting leaning books in the stacks, 
moving them upright and supporting 
them with bookends. They also 
housed rare pamphlets in the Library 
collection by placing them in preser-
vation folders and acid-free envelopes. 
All of these projects had been identi-
fied on the Museum’s Long-Range 
Preservation Plan as priorities to com-
plete. Archives volunteers helped to 
sleeve a postcard collection and began 
data entry for a manuscript Masonic 
rituals project.  
 We very much appreciate the time 
that these volunteers gave us and are 
thrilled to be able to accomplish these 
tasks.  Our next Masonic Work Day 
is coming up on Saturday, June 28.  
If you would like to volunteer, please 
contact Aimee E. Newell, Ph.D.,
Director of Collections, at anewell@
 Spots are filled on a “first 
come, first served” basis. Please note
that most tasks require prolonged  
periods of standing and/or sitting.   
If you are interested in volunteering 
on a more regular basis, please let  
us know.

Masonic Work Day

VoLunTEErs HELp CarE for THE CoLLECTion

a Masonic Work Day volunteer assists curatorial 

staff with housing fraternal badges and pins.

Volunteers help with properly housing rare 


a Masonic Work Day volunteer works on 

putting postcards into acid-free sleeves.

adjusting and supporting books that were 

leaning too far in the stacks.