Saturday, march 22

2 PM

gallery talk: a Sublime 

Brotherhood—200 Years 

of Scottish Rite Free- 

masonry in the Northern 

Masonic Jurisdiction

Join Aimee E. Newell, the Museum’s 
Director of Collections and curator
of the exhibition, to learn about the 
Scottish Rite’s French roots, its 
founding in America two centuries 
ago and its evolution into one of 
the most popular American frater-
nal groups during the 1900s. Free.


Friday, April 11

All DAy

Symposium: Perspectives 

on american Freemasonry 

& Fraternalism

See page 3 for details and regis- 
tration information. 

Saturday, April 12

2 PM 

organizing Wonder:  

Using Maps in Family  

History Research

Melinda Kashuba, Shasta College.
Family historians use maps in  
many ways. Modern genealogists 
create maps using a variety of soft-
ware products and social media   
to research and share their ances-
tries. Join Melinda Kashuba and
explore the wide range of how 
maps can be employed to research 
and document your family story. 
After the lecture, the presenter  
will offer an informal discussion. 
Free, thanks to the Ruby W. and 
LaVon P. Linn Foundation.





Saturday, June 7

2 PM

Map and Chart  

Publishing in Boston in  

the eighteenth Century

David Bosse, librarian and  
Curator of Maps, Historic Deer-
For much of the 18th century, 
map publishing in America was a 
financially precarious undertaking.  
The same held true in Boston, 
where individuals from many 
walks of life ventured into com-
mercial mapmaking.  This lecture 
explores the work of several  
Boston mapmakers during this  
period of ad-hoc publishing.  
Free, thanks to the Ruby W. and 
LaVon P. Linn Foundation.

Saturday, June 14

2 PM

gallery talk:  

Prized Relics—Historic 

Souvenirs from the  


In the 1800s Americans began  
collecting souvenirs that physically 
connected them to important plac-
es, people, and events in the emerg-
ing national story. Fragments of   
a cherished quilt, medals crafted 
from copper taken from George 
Washington’s tomb, or bits of 
wood and stone collected on tour-
ists’ journeys all tell us something 
about what places and events  
were deemed historic. Free.  

Saturday, June 28

9:30 AM to 4 pM

Masonic Work Day

Sign up to spend the day helping 
with collections-related projects. 
Registration is first-come, first-served. 
Email Aimee Newell, Director of 
Collections, at 
with your name and contact informa-
tion. The day involves standing and 
possible exposure to dust or mold.


Spring 2014 | Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library

Wednesday, April 23

1 PM & 2:30 PM

Family Program:  

get to Know our Flag

This family program explores  
the origins, history, legends and 
myths of the American flag. With 
the Museum’s 15-star flag as a 
backdrop, participants will enjoy 
hands-on activities. $5/family 
(members); $7/family (non- 
members). No registration  

thursday, April 24

2 PM

Family Program:  

the lexington alarm

Each year at this time, the Museum 
displays the Lexington Alarm Letter. 
Written on April 19, 1775, to notify 
the American colonies that war had 
begun, the letter still conveys the 
urgency of the shocking news. Fam-
ilies will work together on hands-
on, minds-on activities exploring 
the moment and the world in  
which this document was set down. 
Ages 8 through adult. $6/family 
(members); $9/family (non-members). 
No registration necessary.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

2 PM

gallery talk:  

a Sublime Brotherhood

See March 22 Gallery Talk  
for details. 


Saturday, may 17

2 PM

gallery talk:  

a Sublime Brotherhood

See March 22 Gallery Talk  
for details.