Looking to  

the Future – 

40 Years  

and Counting


s we look to the future, the Museum & Library 
will continue to tell the story of our nation  
and of Freemasonry in vital and compelling 

ways. We are making more resources from the  
Museum & Library collections available online through 
ongoing digitization projects. Scholarly research on 
the collection is made manifest through books we 
publish including The Badge of a Freemason: Masonic 
Aprons from the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & 
 (see page 4), articles on our blog, and in  
our gallery shows. 

Our popular blog, e-newsletter, and other offerings  
on social media sites keep our audiences connected. 
A series of behind-the-scenes videos that take viewers 
to the heart of our mission are regularly posted on 
the museum and Supreme Council websites, as well 
as on our YouTube channel.

A new website is in development, and we have an 
array of premium content planned for Scottish Rite 
Masons and museum members including online  
exhibitions, webcasts, tours and more. 

Looking ahead, the Museum & Library will continue  
to preserve and interpret the history of American 
Freemasonry and fraternalism.  We will build on our 
strengths—our collection, our audiences and our high 
preservation standards. We will tell the story of how 
Freemasonry and the Scottish Rite have intersected 
with America’s history, society and culture, continuing 
to remember the past and inspire the future. The  
legacy of the Museum & Library founders will stand 
strong as we continue to tell a “thrilling story” indeed.  


The Museum & Library will  
continue to tell the story of our 
nation and of Freemasonry in  
vital and compelling ways.



Those Who Make it Work


Meet a few of the unsung stars of our staff who make it all work  

ralph roscoe & Gerard Marchese


Facilities Managers Ralph Rosco, left, 
and Gerard Marchese together have 
more than 70 total years of service.  
Marchese began his career at the  
Museum & Library in 1976, and Roscoe 
joined in 1983. “To be part of the history 
of this organization from the beginning 
and to see it grow into a world-class  
institution has been an honor,” said  
Marchese. Roscoe agrees. “We’ll do  
anything to keep the place up and running. If we’re needed morning, 
noon or night, we’re here.” 

Patti Callahan


“Fifteen great years with my second family,”  
is how Functions Manager Patti Callahan describes 
her tenure. Callahan has helped plan hundreds of 
events for corporations and private organizations, 
and has grown the functions department tremen-
dously. “From annual meetings, to seminars,  

to dance recitals, we can do it all.” 

Maureen harper


Maureen Harper, Collections Manager, is nearing her 
25th year with the Museum. Number of exhibitions 
on which she has worked: more than a hundred. Num-
ber of objects with which she has worked: thousands. 
“Helping the collection grow and working to pre-
serve it for generations to come has been very 

meaningful work. It has been professionally fulfilling for a very long time.” 

John Chancholo & ellie Lupo


Security guard John Chancholo has 
logged a dozen years in his position, 
coming to the Museum & Library follow-
ing a career in international finance. Ellie 
Lupo has been greeting visitors at the 
front desk for 23 years. She said, “I enjoy 
talking to everyone and do my best to 
help them have a great experience.” Chancholo gets to do the same  
as he makes his rounds. “Talking to visitors and hearing their reactions  
to all we have to offer is one of the best parts of my job.” 

tracey Callahan


Assistant Functions Manager and Front Desk  
Receptionist, Tracey Callahan brings a can-do  
attitude to the staff day in and day out. Need her 
to pitch in in maintenance? No problem. “I’ve been 
here  for seven great years now. There’s so much 
variety in what I do, no two days are the same. 

Where they need my help, I’m there.”