Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library | Spring 2015  


find out more about this gold urn made  

by paul revere, which holds a lock of george 

Washington’s hair, in our “prized relics”  

gallery Talk on saturday, May 9 at 2 p.m. 

Urn, 1800–1801. Paul Revere (1734–1818),  
Boston, Massachusetts. Loaned by the Grand  
Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts.  
Photograph by David Bohl. 

June 2015

Saturday, June 6

12 noon

Gallery Talk, “Every Variety 

of Painting for lodges”:    

Decorated Furniture,  

Paintings and Ritual Objects 

from the Collection

Come learn about the different kinds  
of paintings and decorated furniture 
craftsman produced for Masonic lodges 
in the 1800s. This gallery talk will also 
introduce some of the ornamental 
painters—both amateur and profes-
sional—who drew on their talents to 
create colorful aprons, illustrations  
and designs for Masonic clientele.  
Attendees will also see some of the 
many works Masons commissioned, 
including portraits, paintings and  
miniatures to reflect their pride in  
the fraternity. 

Saturday, June 6

2 PM 

The Art of Persuasion:  

Howard Chandler Christy’s 

Posters from the First  

World War

Elaine McCluskey Stomber, Special 
Collections & College Archives,   
Skillman Library, Lafayette College
See description on page 3.

OcTObeR 2015

Saturday, October 3

2 PM

Community Gardening   

During World War I:  

Sowing the Seeds of Victory 

Rose Hayden-Smith, Strategic Initia-
tive Leader, Sustainable Food Systems, 
University of California Division of 
Agriculture and Natural Resources
See description on page 3.

“Every Variety of  

painting for Lodges” 

provides a glimpse into 

the decorated world  

of the 1800s and the 

many ways that artists 

and patrons articulated 

their connection to  

freemasonry. Join   

us for a gallery Talk  

on June 6 at noon. 

Benjamin Coffin, 1833.  
Probably Massachusetts. 
Scottish Rite Masonic  
Museum & Library, Special 
Acquisitions Fund, 77.12.a.  
Photograph by David Bohl.

Saturday, October 17

2 PM

The Boston Red Cross   

in the 1918–19 Influenza 

Pandemic: Vanguard  

Fighter or Rogue Chapter?

Marian Moser-Jones, Assistant  
Professor, University of Maryland 
School of Public Health
See description on page 3.

nOveMbeR 2015

Saturday, november 14

2 PM


the World War I Home 

Front: How to Discover 

Your Family and  

Community History

Jayne Gordon, Former Director  
of Education, Massachusetts  
Historical Society
See description on page 3.