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cottish Rite Freemasonry in the Northern Masonic 
Jurisdiction is celebrating its 200th anniversary.  
To mark the milestone, the Museum has opened a 
major exhibition, “A Sublime Brotherhood: Two 

Hundred Years of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the North-
ern Masonic Jurisdiction.” The more than 100 objects  
and images on view take Masons and non-Masons alike 
on a journey through Scottish Rite history to learn about 
the people who shaped the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, 
as well as the fraternity’s contribution to its communities. 
Featuring objects and documents from our outstanding 
collection, it is a show we are proud to present. 

 We are also announcing the publication of two new works of scholarship written 
by members of our staff. The book A Sublime Brotherhood: Two Hundred Years of  
Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the Northern Masoic Jurisdiction 
accompanies the exhibition 
and presents a lavishly illustrated history of the Scottish Rite’s Northern Masonic 
Jurisdiction. It provides a glimpse into the past, a chronicle of its present, and a  
reference for its future. In partnership with the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massa-
chusetts, we also published Curiosities of the Craft: Treasures from the Grand  
Lodge of Massachusetts Collection
. This book presents new research examining 
more than 130 objects from the Grand Lodge collection, and explores the ordinary 
men, craftsmen, and leaders who built and sustained Freemasonry in the Com- 
monwealth for centuries.  
 In a previous issue of the newsletter I announced a major construction project  
being undertaken by the Museum and the Supreme Council. I am pleased to say that 
the construction is now complete, and the Supreme Council and the Museum will 
combine forces under one roof as of fall of this year. The decision to consolidate  
operations goes a long way in securing the financial health of the Scottish Rite and 
the Museum, allowing both organizations to continue to do meaningful work for 
generations to come. 
 The Museum is also pleased to be part of 1,800 museums across America to  
welcome military personnel and their families as part of the Blue Star Museums  
program this summer. It is a small, but we hope meaningful way to express our  
gratitude to the men and women who bravely serve in our nation’s armed forces. 
 As you look through the pages of this newsletter, we hope you see the breadth  
and scope of all we currently, and will continue to, present. Please visit and take  
part of all we have to offer.  

 Richard V. Travis, 33º–

Executive Director

From the Director

          summer 2013 

richard V. Travis, 33°  

Executive Director


Linda Patch, Editor
David Gerratt,  

Designer, NonprofitDesign.com


Jeff Croteau 

Manager of Library and Archives
Polly Kienle 

Public Programs Coordinator
aimee e. newell, Ph.D. 

Director of Collections
Hilary anderson stelling 

Director of Exhibitions  
and Audience Development
Catherine swanson 


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On the cOver


“Fourteenth Degree,” The Rituals  

of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish 

Rite of Freemasonry, 1869. Israel 

Thorndike Hunt (1841–1905), 

Nashua, New Hampshire. Collec- 

tion of the scottish rite masonic 

museum & library, sC155, r-230.  

Photograph by David Bohl.

Scottish Rite 

Masonic Museum 

& Library, Inc.


n may, museum staff members Aimee e. Newell, Director of Collections, Catherine swan-

son, Archivist and Hilary Anderson stelling, Director of exhibitions and Audience Develop-

ment, traveled to edinburgh, scotland, to attend the International Conference on the History 

of Freemasonry. The conference, held every two years since 2007, provides a forum where 

scholars can present and learn about the latest research into the history of Freemasonry 

throughout the world.

  on the diverse list of topics discussed at this year’s conference were aspects of Free-

masonry in europe and the middle east as well as in the united Kingdom and America, 

from the 1600s through the present. museum staff members Newell and stelling contributed 

presentations that dealt with American Freemasonry in the late 1700s and early 1800s: “A 

ludicrous Affair: Harmonic lodge and Boston Freemasonry in the 1790s” and “‘elucidating 

the Various masonic emblems’: The Influence of Jeremy Cross and Amos Doolittle’s  

engravings on Nineteenth-Century American masonic material and Visual Culture.”

international conference on the history of Freemasonry, may 2013