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United States Chart of Knowledge, ca.  

1931. Published by s.G. bocholtz, Chart  

of  Knowledge Co. of america, boston,  

massachusetts.  Gift of Dorothy a. and  

albert H. richardson, 85.53.18. Photo  

by David bohl.

Saturday, July 13, 2 pm 

Saturday, OctOber 5, 1 pm 

A Sublime Brotherhood: 

200 Years of Scottish  

Rite Freemasonry in  

the Northern Masonic  


Join Aimee E. Newell, the muse-
um’s Director of Collections and 
curator of the exhibition, to learn 
about the Scottish Rite’s French 
roots, its founding in America two 
centuries ago and its evolution into 
one of the most popular American 
fraternal groups during the 
1900s.  The exhibition includes 
photos, costumes, and Scottish 
Rite props, many of which have 
never previously been on view. 

Saturday, September 14, 2 pm 

Saturday, OctOber 12, 2 pm

Saturday, december 7, 2 pm

Journeys and Discoveries:  

The Stories Maps Tell

Maps can chart everything from 
newly explored territories, familiar 
hometowns or distant theatres of 
war. Join Hilary Anderson Stelling, 
Director of Exhibitions and Audi-
ence Development and curator of 
the exhibition, to learn more about 
the stories maps tell. Free.

Gallery Talks

curiosities of the craft:  

treasures from the Grand lodge 

of massachusetts collection


n partnership with the Grand Lodge of Masons 
in Massachusetts, the Museum has published a 
handsome new work of scholarship, Curiosities 

of the Craft: Treasures from the Grand Lodge  
of Massachusetts Collection
. The 288-page hard-
cover book is filled with full-color images and 
draws on new research to examine more than  
130 objects from the Grand Lodge collection. 
Some items were made or used by Massachusetts 
Masons, while others have associations with  

famous American Freemasons including George Washington and Paul Revere. 
Through the Grand Lodge treasures, the book presents a compelling look at the 
men, craftsmen, and leaders who built and upheld Freemasonry in Massachusetts 
for hundreds of years.  
 Curiosities of the Craft was written by Museum staff Aimee E. Newell, PhD,  
Director of Collections, Hilary Anderson Stelling, Director of Exhibitions and  
Audience Development, and Catherine Compton Swanson, Archivist. It is avail- 
able for purchase at the Grand Lodge website.

a sublime brotherhood:  

two hundred years of scottish 

rite Freemasonry in the  

Northern masonic Jurisdiction


he new publication, A Sublime Brother-
hood: Two Hundred Years of Scottish Rite 
Freemasonry in the Northern Masonic Juris-

diction, is a celebration in words and images of the 


 anniversary of the founding of the Scottish 

Rite’s Northern Masonic Jurisdiction in 1813. 
  Divided into six chapters, the book tells the 

compelling story of the founding of the organization and highlights some of the 
people, structures, traditions, and objects that help us understand how the North-
ern Masonic Jurisdiction began, where it has been, and what it looks like today.  
In 161 lavishly-illustrated pages, the publication presents the sweep of how an  
organization born out of turmoil survived the anti-Masonic movement, went on  
to see unprecedented growth, and how, through the generations, that membership 
shaped the fraternity as it is today. Short biographies of each Sovereign Grand 
Commander who has led the organization since 1813 are presented, as well as  
a look at other noted personalities from the Jurisdiction’s past. 
 The book’s authors include Museum staff members Aimee E. Newell, PhD,  
Director of Collections, Jeffrey Croteau, Manager of Library and Archives, and 
Catherine Compton Swanson, Archivist. Richard B. Burgess, Alan E. Foulds,  
and Jerry A. Roach, Jr. of the Supreme Council share authorship of the book.  
 A Sublime Brotherhood will be available for purchase in August 2013.  
Please visit the Supreme Council website for ordering details. http://www.scottish

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