Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library | Summer 2014    


following the presentations. Presenters 
and attendees alike enjoyed meeting 
fellow enthusiasts and making con-
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 The symposium was funded in part 
by the Supreme Council, 33°, N.M.J., 
U.S.A. We thank our sponsors and  
all of the enthusiastic attendees and 
engaging presenters who made it a 
great day!


n Friday, April 11,  
the Scottish Rite Masonic 
Museum & Library pre-
sented its third symposium, 

“Perspectives on American Freemasonry 
and Fraternalism.” With this program, 
we seek to present the newest research 
on American fraternal groups. The 
study of the activities and influence  
of Masonic and fraternal groups in 
the United States—past and present—
offers the potential for new interpreta-
tions of American society and culture. 
 Attendees from Massachusetts, 
New York, New Hampshire, Rhode 
Island, Connecticut and Tennessee 
enjoyed six scholarly presentations and 
special staff-led tours of the exhibition 
“A Sublime Brotherhood: Two Hundred 
Years of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in 
the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction,” 
highlights from the Van Gorden- 
Williams Library and Archives,   
and a behind-the-scenes tour of the 
Museum collection. 
 The morning started with a pre-
sentation by Kristen M. Jeschke, of the 
University of New Hampshire, who 
spoke about “Mid-Nineteenth Century 
Lodges: Middle-Class Families in the 
Absence of Women,” followed by Jeffrey 
Tyssens, Professor of Contemporary 
History, Vrije Universiteit Brussels, 
with his presentation, “Bragging Brethren 
and Solid Sisters? Contrasting Mobili-
zation Patterns among Male and Female 
Orders during the Spanish-American 
War.” Margaret Goehring, Assistant 
Professor of Art History at New Mexico 
State University, ended the morning 
session with “Painted Ambition: 
Notes on Some Early Masonic Wall 
 In the afternoon, participants 
heard from Adam Geoffrey Kendall, 
of the Henry Wilson Coil Library & 

Museum of Freemasonry at the Grand 
Lodge of F. & A.M. of California, who 
discussed “Pilgrimage and Procession: 
The Knights Templar Triennial Con-
claves and the Dream of the American 
West” and  Stephen Hill, Sr., of the 
Phylaxis Society, with “The Colored 
Knights of Pythias.” Independent 
scholar Stephen Canner rounded out 
the day with his presentation, “‘The 
Farmer Feeds Us All’: The Origins 
and Evolution of a Grange Anthem.”
 Throughout the symposium,   
attendees—who included members of 
the Masonic community and interested 
scholars and researchers—contributed 
to the lively question and answer sessions 

“Fantastic!” and “intriguing!”

SyMPoSiUM at tHe SCottiSH Rite MaSoNiC MUSeUM & LibRaRy



 Participants examine  

objects on display in “a sublime 

brotherhood: Two Hundred Years 

of scottish rite freemasonry in 

the northern masonic Jurisdic-

tion,” on view at the scottish rite 

masonic museum & Library. 


 Discussion during “Perspec-

tives on american freemasonry 

and fraternalism,” at the scottish 

rite masonic museum & Library  

in Lexington, massachusetts.