The Daughters of Job: Photographs by Alison Malone

Bethel No. 21, Butler, Pennsylvania, 2008
Photograph by Alison Malone

The Messengers, 2008. Photograph by Alison Malone

Junior Princess, Age 13, Pennsylvania, 2008. Photograph by Alison Malone

The Daughters of Job: Photographs by Alison Malone
Through December 12, 2015

The Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library presents an intriguing look at a modern Masonic youth organization in the exhibition “The Daughters of Job: Photographs by Alison Malone.” Malone’s fifteen evocative photographs present a unique insider’s view of present day Job’s Daughters. Picturing both participants and the spaces they create for their meetings, Malone’s photographs capture the thoughtfulness and care the girls bring to their activities and ritual. The exhibition is on view December 13, 2014 through December 12, 2015.

Familiar with the Job’s Daughters as a former member, Malone had found the experience to be intense as a child, yet increasingly fascinating to consider as an adult. Before photographing the girls for their portraits, Malone asked them to think about what qualities—bravery, strength or confidence—they wanted to convey in their posture and expression. “L